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Scavenger Hunt in Bangkok

Bangkok Boat race


Cultural Amazing Race

Discover the hidden secrets in the great city of Bangkok through this cultural Amazing Race, where you will come across many incredible sites, imbued with rich culture and history. This Amazing Race offers stories that give you a better understanding of Thai culture and the country\’s history. Throughout the Amazing Race, you will encounter Thai delicacies, cuisines, art, music, costumes, and traditions that you can experience and share tales of with your friends, loved ones, or among the company of great people.

Amazing gastronomic adventure

Thailand is renowned for its rich cuisines, crafted from home-grown ingredients that are delicious and tasty to die for. In our Amazing Race Bangkok, we will introduce you to the most traditional and modern dishes that will blow you away on your amazing gastronomic adventure. This leg of the Amazing Race offers a unique opportunity to learn how to prepare a Thai meal, allowing you to take a piece of Thai cooking culture back home with you. Through this Amazing Race Bangkok experience, immerse yourself in the flavors that define Thailand.


Amazing ultimate adventure

You will be entertained with an Amazing Race Bangkok, offering an ultimate adventure through many great places, where you can find ultimate challenges, games, and activities to entertain yourself with. This Amazing Race Bangkok will surprise you with the most incredible events, music, activities, and cuisines that you enjoy while having the time of your life. This ultimate adventure within the Amazing Race Bangkok framework promises to be an unforgettable journey of discovery and enjoyment.

Amazing trail night adventure

How about a wonderful trail through the city of Bangkok, Chonburi, or any other amazing place where you can enjoy team building activities with your friends to have a fun day? Join us for this Team Building Amazing Race, a great adventure that will bring you inner peace by visiting wonderful places. This unique experience combines the excitement of exploration with the benefits of team building activities, ensuring a memorable journey for all participants.


Scavenger hunt

Embark for this Team Bonding Bangkok activity through our Scavenger Hunt Adventure, a thrilling quest through a giant Thai local market, a beautiful riverside temple, and a serene botanical garden. This race, a prime example of adventure team building, is filled with challenges at each landmark, unlocking the path to the next. It\’s a unique opportunity to dive into Thai culture, uncover hidden treasures, and experience the local lifestyle. Perfect for small groups or budget-conscious travelers, this adventure lets you explore, enjoy, and discover the rich tapestry of Bangkok and Thai traditions in an exciting new way, enhancing team bonding and adventure team building.

Bangkok Boat Race

Join the \”Bangkok Boat Race,\” a thrilling canal adventure that stands as one of the premier team building activities in the city. Starting from a lively floating market and navigating through eight unique spots, including a shop on the pier, a serene temple, a homestay workshop, and an orchid farm, this experience is tailor-made for enhancing team bonding in Bangkok. Tackle diverse challenges to advance and win the race, all while immersing yourself in the heart of Thai culture. Ideal for MICE Tourism and close to youth hotels, this race offers an unparalleled blend of competition, discovery, and cultural connection, making it a perfect way to experience Bangkok\’s vibrant canal life and strengthen team dynamics.


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