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Who are Bangkok Trainee Finder? 

Bangkok Trainee Finder is a legally registered recruitment company which has been operating in Bangkok since 2013. In that time, we have place more than 200 interns from around the world in hundreds of companies in Bangkok.

Our mission statement is to be a facilitator for students looking for internship opportunities abroad, and to be the first choice for companies based in Thailand to find candidates with an international mind set, and who are reliable and looking to enhance their resume.

With our no upfront fees policy, we guarantee to find you the perfect intern for your company profile. If we can’t find one, you don’t pay a single baht! We have a network comprising hundreds of business schools, engineering schools, and universities around the world. That means our profiles feature a wider range of skill sets and qualifications than any other intern recruitment company in Bangkok or Thailand. Our team comprises experienced HR professionals who will sift through our profiles to find you the perfect candidate for your business or project.


Professional and Efficient Intern Recruitment.

Bangkok Trainee Finder is your first choice when seeking interns for your company in Bangkok or Thailand. With our experience, attention to detail, transparency of process, and no upfront fees policy, we are the company you can trust when it comes to identifying the interns needed for your business. We are a highly professional company with a team comprised of HR experts with many years of experience. Choosing the right intern for your available positions is an important task, so allow the best of the best to find your intern for you. Members of our team are always available to answer any questions, so please contact us now.